More information about The Sinclair Method

C Three Europe was established in April 2014 with the aim of raising awareness of The Sinclair Method and provides worldwide support to people searching for TSM-related information and resources – including alcohol abuse counselling.  Their website provides a wealth of information and resources for anyone looking for more information about The Sinclair Method.

Patient Info now includes a brief, but informative, write up on The Sinclair Method.  This is a large and very well-trusted health information website, used often within the medical community, and this page can be accessed by doctors DURING a consultation with their patient.  Hopefully this will enable doctors to better understand The Sinclair Method in less than a few minutes and while the patient is sat in front of them.

The Cure for Alcoholism: The Medically Proven Way to Eliminate Alcohol Addiction by Dr Roy Eskapa is a comprehensive text, a definitive guide to the Sinclair Method, and the scientific evidence and studies behind it.

One Little Pill is a documentary film by Claudia Christian which explains more about The Sinclair Method, and looks at its reception in the US and UK, as well as following the stories of some drinkers as they try the method for themselves.  you can watch a trailer for the film here.

NICE Guidelines for using Nalmefene for reducing alcohol consumption in people with alcohol dependence - worth being familiar with before a conversation with your doctor. is a discussion forum for anyone using or interested in The Sinclair Method.


Other secular alternatives to AA

UK SMART Recovery  is a science-based programme to help people manage their recovery from any type of addictive behaviour.  SMART stands for ‘Self Management And Recovery Training’ and offers a network of self-help meetings, both face-to-face and online, where participants can get help from others in recovery.  SMART Recovery helps participants decide whether they have a problem, builds up their motivation to change and offers a set of proven tools and techniques to support recovery.

LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs, offering each other peer-to-peer support in ways that encourage personal growth and continued learning through personal empowerment. LifeRing's approach is based on developing, refining, and sharing our own personal strategies for continued abstinence and crafting a rewarding life in recovery. In short, they are sober, secular, and self-directed. 


Blogs & Podcasts

Alcoholism Recovery Radio podcast includes a couple of episodes that discuss the Sinclair Method in some detail, including telling the stories of individuals who have used it with varying degrees of success, and these are well worth a listen.  There are also a series of very illuminating episodes discussing the 12 steps of AA, and the merits as well as pitfalls of the AA approach in the context of the various other options for help and support that are now available.

Recovering From Recovery is a blog that covers a wide variety of the issues around recovering from alcoholism and addiction.  Lots of insights, and useful links and references.

Leaving AA, staying sober: new perspectives on recovery is a comprehensive blog discussing alcoholism, AA, and various alternatives for support, and, again, offering a host of links and references.



Any time I link to a new site in one of my posts I will endeavour to add it to this list, and in this way hopefully this will grow in to a more useful resources, but in the meantime most of the sites that are linked to here have much more comprehensive links and references.

If there's only one piece of advice I offer you it is to jump off from here and keep on reading.